Time to say good-bye…

ETM Now is turning in for a good night’s sleep

Many thanks to all the readers of End the Madness Now (ETMN). And here’s a particular shout-out to those who commented and advanced the conversation about the need for America to embrace common sense and to turn away from its catastrophic addiction to firearms. Such addiction is shared by a small minority of Americans with the outsized power to drive an unpopular, murderous agenda. Even gun owners and NRA members fail to endorse the extreme, no-debate, no-compromise positions of their national Association. We much appreciate your support, not simply of ETMN but of the courageous organizations it supports and the cause of restoring a measure of gun sanity to the USA.

ETMN is literally a one-person basement operation, spawned out of the atrocious slaughter of twenty primary schoolers and six heroic adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Since that fateful day the school shootings have kept coming, adding a grim and bloody body count to the gruesome cancer of gun morbidity in America. The country is disabled from civil debate on measures to bring this unique-among-nations killing spree under control because one side will only scream its case while intimidating grown adults into meek acquiescence by threats of violence and political purse-string strangulation.

Since December 14, 2012 ETMN has made its point, perhaps tilting at windmills but nonetheless on-track to far exceed 10,000 hits by the end of 2015. The major three purposes of this blog have been to create a running, interactive clearinghouse of commentary and discussion about gun sense in America, to prompt visitors to join the discussion and to support the better organized and resourced groups through volunteer work and financial support. ETMN has been our volunteer effort.

To grow ETMN by launching social media sites and more vigorous publicity is necessary but beyond the capacity of one guy in a cellar. We are open to ceding our registered, proprietary URLs to another non-profit entity passionate about controlling the lawless profusion of untracked instruments of killing in our home communities.

ETMN has done what it can. No windmill has yet toppled. But the state and national struggles are strengthening. ETMN would like to believe that it has been one minuscule partner in this important struggle.

Thank you for having been part of ETMN. Please sustain your support of the gun-sense groups that are really making a difference (AFRS, Brady, Everytown, Moms, Newtown Alliance and others).

We shall win. Count on it.  Maybe not tomorrow, but sanity will ultimately triumph over madness.

February 16, 2015

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