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  1. The iron pipeline lives on: New Yorkers pay the price

  2. Florida doctors MAY ask and counsel patients about gun safety at home, according to federal appeals court

  3. Congress passes repeal of Obama rule to screen gun sales to the mentally ill: President Trump expected to sign

  4. Between 1975 and 2015, guns claimed 1.34 million deaths in America; terrorists from the 7 banned nations killed zero

  5. When crazy goes even crazier than crazy

  6. Canada catches lethal Islamophobia bug: six slain, more wounded
  7. Is AR-15 semi-auto really an instrument of war and mass murder?
  8. Coming soon to a school near you: more guns
  9. Coming soon to a state near you: stolen Supreme Court seat might strike down restrictions against open local gun carry
  10. Crazy, stupid or both? Lives would have been saved if everybody was packing heat in Fort Lauderdale! Really?
  11. Not fake news: Massachusetts leads nation in gun safety: Lowest rate of gun death per capita among all 50 states
  12. Hidden epidemic in the noise of mass shootings and urban violence: suicide by gunfire
  13. Mourning in America: A brave new world of guns in schools, parking lots, churches, supermarkets, pharmacies, playgrounds and everywhere else
  14. Japan’s gun homicide rate so low it is barely possible to measure


  15. It just never stops: multiple death and injuries in Fort Lauderdale airport shooting
  16. Ohio Governor Kasich (he’s the ‘reasonable’ one) signs bill requiring business owners to allow guns in their parking lots — and a lot more
  17. Texas bill proposes cash incentives for safe gun storage
  18. Tracking 2016 mass shootings in Europe and the USA: A study on contrasts
  19. 762 and no longer counting f0r 2016: Chicago gun slayings the worst in two decades
  20. A new normal; endlessly lethal urban gun violence
  21. A pro bono dream team of law firms to confront the NRA head-on
  22. Connecticut and Missouri


  23. Sandy Hook Promise’s “Evan” video: A constructive call to action to prevent senseless killings
  24. Justifying what needs no justification in a fake news, post-evidence world
  25. Big law firms team up with gun control advocates to counter recent setbacks

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