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(Update, 1/10/17)

Fame ‘n Shame archive of earlier media

“In the movies you always die quickly from a gunshot wound. But not in real life.”

Dr. David Newman, Director of Clinical Research
Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

Like it is. She tells it like it is


NRA: Still paranoid, even with a President in their pocket


Just because you didn’t hear doesn’t mean it didn’t happen


Fake news, lethal consequences

bu-schoolshootingstudyBetween 1996 and 2008, one school shooting occurred every year.
Between 2013 and 2015 it’s one every week

bigger-bullets“With a higher caliber handgun, you will make bigger holes.” Dr. Peter Rhee, former military surgeon


Sheriff Newell Normand of Jefferson Parish,LA utters “straight takl” on Joe McKnight road rage slaying


Gun violence is preventable!


Percussion section with sounds made from bullets and sniper rifle parts


Rubber crutch funny: NC Senator Richard Burr, up for re-election,
“jokes” about Hillary Clinton assassination


Deadly shooting continues to soar in Chicago above soaring increases of previous years


President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police addresses root causes of community violence

Fame ‘n Shame archive of earlier media

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