First Q Report 4/13

April 1, 2013

Dear friends,

I’d like to give you an executive report on progress for End the Madness Now.

First, as feared the issue of gun control seems to be fading in our Congress and perhaps in the general American public, although some states have taken bold action,notably and most recently Connecticut.

Despite President Obama’s plea of several days ago, the US Senate seems to have stripped gun control of most meaningful measures and created loopholes for the remaining vestiges large enough for a Carnival cruise ship in-motion. Nonetheless, the gun reaper keeps reaping, as this website dolefully reminds us each day since Newtown.

Although I must tell you that the bumper stickers have not been flying off the shelf, recently the Website is getting a lot more “hits.” I’m lodging the site URL into my blog posts (mostly NY Times); these generate hits that seem to be generating still more. Nevertheless, folks sympathetic to gun-control seem less-than-keen to show it publicly. This is sad because the other side puts its face forward — deranged, maybe mean, but hardly silent.

I have also received blog comments, some advocating a less confrontational pose for ETM Now and some seeking more fuel. So I’ve dropped a bundle of kindling with a new “Cojones for Congress” campaign poster and other updates. I know that these won’t be universally favored, but when a guy reaches the end of the hall only to find a locked door … well, you know the gist.

At one point or another, each of you has offered to help. So, I have three requests:

  1. Go to the ETMN website and post a short comment on the home page (if you’ve already done this, many thanks). Don’t hesitate to be frank in your comment. I’ll “approve” it for posting. Posted comments alert other commenters to all ETMN updates, without revealing anybody’s identity.
  2. If you have an active Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or other social media account, please give ETMN ( another plug. Any plugs given so far have helped greatly. Thanks!
  3. Contact friends whom you think might support this cause.

We have gun-control stickers pasted all over our condo windows. The condo association is getting cranky. Please help us help ourselves, and in the meantime, stay safe and just say “No Carry.”

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